PHYN Industries - A Growing Nullsec Indy/PvE Corp

PHYN Industries is a nullsec corp reforming from the corpse of our former indy group, we want to offer you a fun new place to call home.

We hold our own private ice system out in droneland nullsec and can provide you with good ratting, ice mining fleets and corp moons. We also have access to hordes indy park and JB network + keepstar chain and fully stocked markets.

We are also a social corp so we do expect our guys to come join us on discord and chit chat from time to time, however no pressure however :slight_smile:

What we require

  • Discord w/ mic
  • Spod brain is a bonus
  • Be active, RL first however.
  • Be ready for any ESI checks if asked.

Discord: PYHN Industries

Feel free to ping leadership/DM

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