PHYN Industries-Seeking Miners

Ello and welcome

PHYN Industries currently seeking active rock chewing, rat exterminating fools. Multiboxing miners very much welcome into the corp. The space we are currently in be dual pirate factions. Guristas in Deklein and Serpentis in Fade for your choosing. USTZ primary with ceo coming from EUTZ. More points if you be a night owl Brit :wink:

Opportunities to be have:

-boosted mining fleets
-public R32s and R64s
-ice next door to our planned home system
-ninja mining fleets
-T1 ship SRP during fleets[no faction nor dead space fittings though]
-85% Jita Buyback Program


-Eve Scout Thera bookmarks[provided once in corp unless already obtained]
-discord with active mic


-10% corp tax
-10% mining fleet tax[pay for command bursts and fuel when sieging for yall ore compression]

If this be your cup of tea and will be interested, please come say hello in our discord.


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