PI buildings

I found the Command Centers but can someone tell me where I can purchase these structures? I cannot find them in the market…

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They will become available for construction once you have a command centre online. Be choosy where you place the CC.


You can’t buy them on the market, you have to install the command centre first and then as your setting your PI up you get the option to buy them.

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I suggest you get over to YouTube and watch a couple of videos about PI, then go over to Planetary Commodities - EVE University Wiki and read all about it before doing anything else and going any further into it.


Oh, I agree with that advice and have already followed the Wiki, although just a first read. I just couldn’t find the ancillary buildings in the market and wonder how that happened…but the info you’ve shared is not in the pages, afaik.

Now I know and thanks to all for telling me how it works.

Any advice for a first-time PI try? I will probably just put down one colony and try things out at first. But what commodity should I make as a goal? Or end-product…just your take is fine, not asking for details.


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  • My own advise is similar; to keep it small and simple to start with.
  • Eventually, when you are confident, build pentagonal complexes for top tier products.
  • The risk / reward in PI is in moving the product; both in market and through space. Location, location, location.
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I’d discourage you to “try things out” because it costs isk to do anything in PI. I’d encourage you to know exactly what you’re going to produce and for which end product, that’s why I sent you to EVE UNI Wiki, so you can read over all the products and resources in order to have a clear idea of what you’re going to produce.
Just putting the production buildings down is going to cost you a lot in isk, not counting upgrading Command Center which you’re going to have to do regardless.
As far what you should produce, I’d advise you to have a good look at the Market for commodity prices and do some research. You don’t want to spend three months producing something and finding out you’ll be selling at a loss.

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