PI Extraction Precision

If you have a complete lvl maxed out planetology and advanced planetology skill set, do you have a flawless precision on the hot spots that the game gives you?
I have lvl 4 on both planetology and advanced planetology and my hot spots keep being deceptive by a difference of around 200K-300K unit total unit between the pre scan and the after scan of a 4 days cycle.

Does the scan take to account the depletion factor?
Would mean that very narrowed and isolated hot spot are not that good because they deplete faster than larger less concentrated spot?

Even with maxed out Planetary Management skills you will still experience some minor differences

There are no information available about the inner workings of Planet Resource regeneration, so it’s hard to give a right answer, if anyone even know the answer, outside of CCP Devs that is. :wink:

Also bear in mind that you may not be the only player harvesting that resource, and your estimate will not take their activity into account.

Interaction with other players is hard to avoid when we’re all in the same sandbox!

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