PI Yields, make it make sense

Here are 2 images, 1 before hitting ‘Start Extraction’ and 1 after.

Am I missing something, why did the yield drop so low?

What are your Planetology and Advanced Planetology skill levels?

If your skills are low you do not get accurate readings, which explains why your real yield is significantly lower than the scanned yield.

Thanks, not that great. I will pop them in the queue.

Also I would spread the heads around more, instead of having them in one clump. Having them all together is good for a single hotspot, but not when the white ‘good’ area is much wider like here, they would compete even when it’s not necessary.

Also if you play with your filters you can narrow that white band down to the good spots on the white band. While with low planetary skills those readings may not be accurate, it’s a good way to find hotspots with better skills.

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