Planetology/Advanced Planetology

Am I the only one who feels Planetology and Advanced Planetology do not help at all?
Is this a bug, or is the advantage so small it can barely be noticeable?
Please, CCP, look into this because I do not wish to spend several days’ worth of training to gain nothing/next to nothing.

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I know it’s about skills but the same can be said for modules.
A lot of the “advanced” and “expert” stuff give like 2% increase, hardly worth my time.
Some modules at T1 cost 13,000isk and their T2 equivalent, with 2% increase, sometimes even less, cost well over a million or two. That’s too much for a 2% increase, especially when one knows that once someone has the jump on you there’s little chance to escape but wait for the explosion and hope you’re podded so you don’t have to jump all the way back to wherever you store your stuff.
I’m guessing the Planetology/Advanced Planetology skills are just there as a doorway to P.I, skills that only Omega characters can access. I doubt the skills give any benefits.

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I think you are right, but it would be nice if they did give some “noticeable” benefit considering both skills from lvl4-5 take over 60 days

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There is a benefit but it isn’t very noticable. The accuracy of your scans will improve with each level of these skills allowing you to position your extractors for improved yield. Level 4 is enough - level 5 if you have nothing better to train.

so, first if you’re objective is too do money yes planetology and planetology V are very efficient.

BUT if you’re objective is too have only materials for your indy no planetology and planetology V are useless after all depend where you leave these 2 skills are very efficient in HS, WH and LS because planets are very poor or very small so you need this scan analysis precision but in Null you have huge planet with rich content so for me, it’s not very efficient at all (in null lost an entire month for have these skills is useless )