Planetology and Advanced Planetology

I currently have both these train to level IV, How much more accurate is the data at level V, is it with the 17 days plus 28 days to level V respectively?

I did planetology to 5 on all my alts, but only 1 to advanced 5. Meh, there’s a small difference, but I didn’t think it was worth the time for all my alts. That was in a C2 though…

Thanks MB, I think if the results are marginal ill leave them at 4

I happened to upgrade a character using free SP recently, and made this sequence of screenshots which may help you decide. I currently train my alts to Planetology 4 and Advanced Planetology 3 as I’ve estimated that it’s worthwhile for optimising 14-day cycles, but I don’t (yet) have hard evidence.

Thanks @Little_Fawn I have my Plantology and Advanced Planetology at IV

OK I can see a fair amount of difference but it is all basically in and around the same area, I dont think id commit to the (more or less) 45 days per charcter to train it. Thanks for sharing

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