Planetary Interaction Q's

Hi: new player here and I had a few q’s:

What are the reasons you would use an alt for planetary interaction, for example in reading about it some suggest training an alt. Could someone offer the pros/cons in regards to this?

I plan on spending the 12-14 days training at least the basic skills for planetary interaction prior to starting the interaction, my main character primarily mines.

Can this be done in hi-sec at least to learn the process? I do not belong to a corp and did not plan on looking for one until I learn the game more.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it can be done in hi-sec. Alts increase you passive income. Given the current market in some areas of space, it may also not be worth it.

Each Account can have up to 3 Characters.
Because Omega status is determined on an Account level, that effectively means you can have 3 Omega characters.

One way to manage it is to have a Main Character, PI Character, Jita Market Character.

Once you’ve set up the skills on the PI Character, you can just let them go (as long as your Account remains Omega), and will continue to benefit from them. Just check in on that character’s PI operation every few days or so and update as necessary. Then return to your main character for regular play. Once you’ve collected enough, ship it over to Jita, contract it over to your Jita market character (with their own set of market skills), and sell them.

You can really have any combination of 3 characters on your account and mix and match them to suit your purposes. As long as the Account remains Omega, all three characters will benefit by being able to access Omega skillls.


Scoots explained it well: you can have three omega PI characters for the price of one omega subscription. That’s why PI alts exist.

Train the PI skills to lvl 3 and the skills that give a better command center and an extra planet to lvl 4. And make sure they can fly an Epithal. Should take about two weeks training per alt.

(If you then find you can stand the chore of updating your colonies regularly without burning out on PI: get command center and planet skills to lvl 5!)

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Thank you all for your advise, I will be using Scoots Choco’s suggestion to have one alt in PI and one at Jita to sell, honestly that would never have occurred to me, this sounds like its gonna be fun.
Thanks again everyone!

If you’re willing to spend a bit more time training up these alts, you could feasibly have 2 PI alts, and one of them could also just have additional market skills on top. There’s a lot of potential stuff you can do. Just remember that only 1 character on any account can be logged in at any given time.

Get 3 PI ‘alts’, not 1. :wink:

On my Omega account all three characters have near-max PI skills. Gerard, and both my alts that I rarely use. When I bother to do PI, I update all 18 planets twice a week and once every few weeks I fly my Epithals to haul the stuff. After all, if you update one character twice a week, it’s not that much more effort to do it thrice.

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