Why are resources different for each character on a planet?

I have 9 toons that do P.I. and i just noticed that the resources displayed are different on planets despite all characters having the exact same skills. Why is that?

The planets will either show abundant for some characters, or scarce for others. One end of the spectrum or the other. Why is that? I would post pictures but because these forums are setup stupid i can only post 1 image because im a “new user” (despite playing the game for years) ill try to post pics in comments.

anyone know the reason for this? is that the intended way they designed it or is there some type of bug on half my characters?

here is an abundant resource pic from one character

and here is one of the scarce scans from another character.

Same planet, same area on the planet, same skills, same resource being scanned, why is it different? So to get the resources in abundance i just gotta switch characters mining it?

I could be wrong, since I haven’t done PI with the new interface yet. But it looks to me like those scans are identical. They’ve got exactly the same amounts on both sets of meters.

Even if they are reading differently, I’m assuming you’re seeing a difference on the 2nd character after you’ve started harvesting with the 1st. Which would be because the 1st is already collecting those resources, which means they won’t be there for the 2nd to collect as well. It’s kinda like 2 characters mining the same belt. Sure, there were 100 rocks to start with, but once someone mines out 20 of them, there aren’t still going to be 100 rocks for the next person.

You can set the colour scale displaying the resource concentration. You have it set differently between the two characters?

There is intentional obfuscation of the resource distribution so I expect there will always be some differences between characters, but a general difference in the intensity of the resource is probably just you using different colour scaling.

From an old threat:

The planetology skills and advanced planetolgy skills affect how much margin of error there is between what you see setting up the operation. i.e. your survey amounts, and what you actually get once installed, i.e. the actual resource amounts available.

As far as I know even with Planetology and Advanced Planetology V you won’t see the exact resource amounts and I guess this margin of errore is calculated for each pilot. Both your scans have the same margin of error but not the same differences form the actual distribution.

You need to adjust your scan resolution. Bring the bars on the slider close together - say 1 cm, and then adjust the scan until you have sharply defined white deposits - move it as far to the right as possible. Harvest the best deposit within range of your extractor or move the extractor within range of a good deposit. With the scan unfocused, as in the picture, you have no idea where the deposits are.

Planet scanning results are random, with the Planetology skills reducing this randomness, but not fully eliminating it. I personally can’t stand RNG based gameplay, which is why I’ve spent so much time playing EVE, which has a lot of very predictable and plannable content. Unfortunately, it’s also littered with RNG crap, and newer content seems to be drinking the RNG koolaid.

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