PI Interface

Hi all. I have been PI ing for a year and have a few thoughts on the interface. It is way too large. I struggle with it on a laptop when I’m on the road and even on my 27 inch monitor I think it is wholly unnecessary. I guess it boils down to play style, but for me, I just need an interface… without a big planet icon on it, that will get me to where i need to go fast. I generally know what each planet will be producing, so all that info the new PI interface delivers is in my view superfluous. You can to some degree resize it horizontally, but it is impossible to do the same vertically… and I have so many other interfaces I need to look at. It JUST takes up tooooo much screen realestate. Just my two isk 's worth of ranting.

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They’re was a proposal by a player long ago that wanted to give players the ability to make higher items T-2,3,4,5 in player stations, nothing ever happened.

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