PI/ Smuggling / Faction AI's

  • expand PI to allow for city states to acts as forward operating bases for war clones to be stationed from.

this can also be useful for capsuleers who want to get involved with lore or political aspects of the game. a group which a player has positive standings with, will set up an liaison office with the city,

to handle liaison’s each faction will have an AI interface, you go speak to this AI for missions for that faction.

for the faction AI it would likely be a demand to bring X number of items be it passengers, commodities or trade goods to the city.

the pilot now doesn’t have to run half way across the game, because you can support your chosen faction, in your city, on a planet you have a stake in.

this type of support would of course only be one factor into the greater scheme of game play
and how would be better implemented would be down to CCP. but I think it would be a great idea for those who have less game time but want to be involved without committing to FW or other large pvpve experiences as i’m sure more of those will occur.

  • expand PI to allow alpha clones to produce commodities, but not PI goods. (I just think being able to produce wheat and sell it to NPC orders would be pretty cool the more notable point here is to allow them to produce some kind of good which is used for smuggling)

  • further expand PI to place Archaeological expeditions on planets, EVE has a rich lore, for people wanting to explore it more, Archaeological sites could be of huge interest as well as another means of leaking lore into the game, a sovereign alliance might have planets which have essential archaeological artifacts in them, players will now have to interact with other players much like how people of foreign nations do diplo stuff to go and research or study or excavate in other countries

  • revamp the poco’s to operate as a space port.
    in my mind you will “dock” into the space port, however it doesn’t load the interior instead there could be click options
    for bribing customs agents, disrupting scanners, hacking the customs stations themselves.

– space ports will scan your ship and also send on customs parties to search through your goods
– space ports also double to allow warclones to board your ships for transportation
– there could also be possibilities for stow aways to be discovered on your ship.

  • use low slots for hidden compartments. a “nook” or “cranny” low slot module, making it basically applicable to all ships
    “I thought i’d do some honest smuggling between jobs”

  • smugglers should be paid low ISK but High LP, the concept being if you smuggle you take on the risk of the job and
    are given a token amount of ISK for your contribution to the cause, you can earn LP & standings with your chosen faction,
    which you return to an LP store and redeem something awesome.

  • smuggling should not effect the market, as much as I am for the idea of fake goods
    being implemented onto the market, this will basically cause the market to descend into chaos, I think factions will need
    a selection of various goods bought to space ports and thus possibly smuggled through space. Protein Delicacies are illegal in 4 areas of space
    there will likely be a sub market for it in the right places.

everyone knows you can just put illegal items inside containers and customs agents won’t do anything to you at stargates
but i think at space ports more vigorous checks should be done

chance of success or chance of sympathetic customs officer should be built off of faction standings and criminal connections combo.
if you’re a caldari pilot, delivering a container of goods to a serpentis building on a planet… in guristas space
you likely aren’t going to have good standings and be less sympathetic to your intentions.

but if you’ve got positive standings with guristas, are delivering to a guristas agent, in guristas space, then things are probably going to go
a lot more smoothly

naturally with this you can scale the difficulty as well as the time it takes to clear customs

getting caught smuggling should have repercussions

  • standings loss with space port owner (empire / faction as applicable)
  • sec status loss
  • asset seizure
  • on the spot ISK Fines
  • ship impounding

this also opens up possible events for Space ports.

  • Faction Raids
  • Cross planet pests / invasive species / diseases
  • Bring passengers
  • Bring commodities
  • Bring PI
  • suspect ships if someone else has tried smuggling and been caught their ship type would be marked as a smuggling ship, so for a short period of time, if you’re in that ship
    you’ll be pulled over to one side and searched, how vigorously the search will depend entirely on standings,
    “sorry bro, but you’re in this ship, even though i won’t do a great job searching your ship and will still look the other way but i still have to hold the ship for 5 minutes
    to show i did my job, otherwise i get kicked out”

this also opens up the mindset of “smugglers in this area are using badgers” so people start flying mammoths to avoid longer customs times.
similar to how police if looking for a suspect vehicle but don’t have a licence plate will pull over all vehicles of that type and search

the proposed AI for each faction would additionally be used in stations and structures, i think this would be a great way to effectively remove over saturated items on the markets
while creating interesting game play, earning faction standings and LP.

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