PI Expansion, Trade Goods

so I was mulling over PI and even here on the forums there are requests and have been for a while regarding QOL, I can hope that this will eventually become a thing, however that is beside the point, during my journey in EVE I’ve encountered a great many people who say “PI Is too Complicated” and I thought, instead of Revamping it, why don’t we make an effort to lower the learning curve.

My Idea is for a new skill (which can be used by alpha clones)
Planetary Operations Management.
coupled with this skill we be a series of new planet side deployable assets, each one with a specific purpose and NOT restricted to planet type.

these new assets will be used to produce trade goods.
Wheat, Protein Delicacies, Holoreels, Small arms, Slaves, etc etc.
which alpha clones can take off of the planet, allowing them to have a watered down version of PI and understanding how production, moving and launching goods works, this way should they omega they can access the Planetary Infrastructure skills with more options.

given there is a noticeable earning cap on activities in game, these trade goods will have to be limited in earning as well, this would meaning looking at trade goods in the game and ensuring there are steady buy orders around, new eden.

by providing this watered down version it might help people make a very small amount of extra isk / explore new areas of the game and flatten the learning curve.

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