Pick your top 3 changes to fix EvE

1 - Remove PLEX
2 - Remove skill extraction/injection
3 - Limit alpha “trial” accounts to 30 days

For me as an old player trying to return to the game i have a few observations.

  1. Remove random Triglavian spawns in Asteroid Fields in High Sec if system is not under attack. I love Industry in Eve and as an Omega state I barely escaped with my mains ship on 4 occaisions as a result of this stupidity of 4 Triglavians popping up and proceeding to decimate my craft, a spawn i might add that does not occur with normal Guristas that I face in my Highsec Hideaway. Luckily I had an Alpha character that took the hit and I got away barely in my main. (I am totally up for the invasion in system tho as it makes things interesting)

  2. There needs to be an in-between balance for Alpha clones for mining, the venture is ok, but why not open up a low tier Mining Barge to entice people to go for the Omega clone state?

  3. Why not expand the Alpha clone skills for trade and Industry? This could lead to more Omega subscriptions for players as well.

I will admit that my suggestions focus on Alpha Clones but as I have spent a lot of time in this state and am not currently willing to drop money until the Triglavian thing is resolved for non invaded high sec regions that is where I will stay if i bother to sign in at all as this has put me off returning to the game currently as the part of the game I found most enjoyable has been stripped away.

  1. Sack Hillmar
  2. Sack Fozzie
  3. Sack The rest of dev’s

Problem solved

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three things for new players;

  1. Separate solo game that act as introductory to point the player at end game to EVE Online. CCP can release many game but the player from those games keep coming to EVE.

Maybe with simplified EVE Online gameplay as minigames in that game. Its like Kingdom Hearts and their Gummy ship gameplay. Basically doing what The Witcher and Gwent doing.

  1. Not necessarily a Walk in Station, but something like Fallout Shelter for stations, citadel, PI, ship hangar, and/or ships. Make us have better interaction with many game object other than buttons for F1, align, jump, and other buttons.

No need to have a gameplay in it. Just like an aquarium or sandquarium. Seeing some small model walk around in ship hangar, looking at people inside of those elevator at Astrahus model, watching some city being build in a planet.

  1. Remove magic 14. Need days and weeks for get them IV. Yet many of them are a must to be V to have real fun PVP in eve, which take months. Dont get me wrong, specialization skills is good. they makes us to decide either blaster or assault missile. Core skill is the problem, you cant decide to not train it, you MUST train it.

Core skill is bad, they make new player lose interest before having fun in the game. Basically the same thing with those old training skills.


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