Pilot SOLD

Shoot the offers. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Reake_Otomeya

Bump. 2.5b B/O

i can buy it for 2.5b right now

3b b/o offer - isk ready

Giving until I get home from work for others to bid, if no other offers, I’ll contact Nihil Max to finish the purchase! I will be home from work at 1030 EST.



3.6 and 1 isk


SOLD to Nihil Max, Will be in contact in-game to complete sale.

Please post with character being sold here and I will send isk to that character.

Post to confirm sale.

Isk and account details sent.

Transfer payment complete. Character transferred to account. Pilot Officially sold.

Another player is transferring the character Reake Otomeya to your account named xxxxxxx.

We are currently processing this transfer.

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