8m SP Alt - Transport Ships - Interceptor Pilot for Sale


Transport Ships and Interceptor.

All CCP character sale rules apply and I will pay the transfer fee.

I’d like 6B+ ISK

Still available!

Still available for sale

I’m still available for sale - would accept 5.5b for a quick deal.

No thanks. 5.5b as stated.

Still for sale.

why are you listing this pilot as a “Market Alt” when it has no marketing skills trained at all? i’m confused, what’s the catch here? :slight_smile:

Thats a very fair point. I copy/pasta’d a description from another similar, but obviously not identical character. My mistake, and thank you for pointing it out.

The original post has been amended.

5.5 buyout

Sorry, I’ve been offline for a bit and missed this post. If you are still interested I will accept 5.5b as a buyout.

OK. Isk sending. Going to account for tbwen 1

tbwen 1, here to buy. sending account info in-game mail

ISK received and transfer started

Character received

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