Pilot SOLD

Selling myself:

Character located in High Sec - Dodixie

8 million isk wallet

No Kill rights

1 million isk bounty

Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ Warp Drive Speed WS-605 implant

4 jump clones (no implants) located in Irjunen IV, Waskisen I, Waskisen IX, Waskisen VII

1 remap available

Good drone skills

Almost all sub-cap shield skills maxed with excellent armor skills also

Gallente / Caldari HIC / HAC

Amarr / Caldari Marauder

All races T1 Battleship

Permanent sKINS - Cerberus (Blue Tiger), Gnosis (Crimson Harvest), Myrmidon (Intaki Syndicate), Harbinger (Khanid), Bellicose (Krusual), Federation Navy Comet (Police), Capsule (upwell)



Start bid: 40 b
Buyout: 48 b

All rules apply.

40 bil

Auction ends at 09:00 Eve Time 03.08.17

sold to Mdm Curie highest bid for 40 bil. Please confirm with inbox message and account details to transfer to and payment can be made to Jaina Jaesing. Thanks.

ISK and account information sent.

Transfer Initiated. Thanks again.