Piracy Preferred a new wh corp

Piracy Preferred is a new casual pvp wormhole corp that lives in a c2 with a static c3/hs
we are seeking for new members in any time zone.
all we ask of our members is to have fun and to fight and not run in hide in the station
there are no forced ops. RL is always first.
no xp requirenebts we only ask that you are active and enjoy the game.
if your a newbro we can train you in pvp or pve.
if you like to join just put a app in with the corp with you full api key or join the pub channel ( darksails pub )

Thank you for your time and i hope to see you in game =)

Welcome to wormholes!

thank you =)

Your name implies you will be engaged in piracy, is this the case and if so what will be your main MO?

we do engaged in priacy but really isn’t that pvp? if your asking do we highsec gank? then yes we do sometimes. but really we are a WH pvp corp but we stick to the care feel pirate life style. i hope that answered your question .

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