Pirate Industries [INDY/PvE/PvP] Low-Sec Crew

Hallo! My name is shingi and I’m the CEO of the corporation Pirate Industries. This corporation started out as a small manufacting group but as of recently, we have change our goals and focus on Low-Sec/WH space. We dabble into null-sec space but for now we focus low-sec space. Our goal is to create a pirate organization in the Derelik region. So we will be doing a lot of building and creating ways to make more isk for the corporation.

We love to have Newbros and encourage them to join! In need of any kind of pilots. We also look for pilots who want to create somthing new in the galaxy .

If you’re interested in joining or have questions, contact “shingi Abre-Kai” through mail in EvE Online. You can also contact us through our discord

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