Pirate Lords of War (PLOW) Seeking Pirate Corps for Small to Mid Scale PvP


PLOW is currently seeking one or two small to medium sized pirate corps to fly with us under the banner of Seyllin.

We are primarily USTZ but have a growing EU presence.

What we do:

  • Small Gang PVP (Low/Null/Yeet Fleets)
  • Black Ops Hot Drops
  • Suicide Ganking

What we offer:

  • New FC training opportunities
  • Alliance Discord and TS3 server
  • Logistics service to and from Jita
  • Experienced FCs
  • Low blue count (We don’t believe in blues)

What we require:

  • PVP Minded corps
  • Lowsec living (Willingness to go -10)
  • Team oriented groups
  • Chill corps to the top. We are not killboard warriors and will take almost any fight thrown at us and we tactically feed often.

Alliance Killboard: Pirate Lords of War | Alliance | zKillboard

For any corps interested please feel free to join the in game channel PLOW Pub or join our discord here: https://discord.com/invite/7KjsTsj


Last night we were coming off of a chill day and someone jumped into local and told us there was a citadel and some dudes to kill in his wormhole.


Free astra kill and some easy late night ganks.

This stuff happens often. Tonight’s roam was also pretty productive. Tons of frags and a spectacular feed. Join up!


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Another night of roaming left us with many frags. Lots of dudes and lots of explosions.


More killing happening every day. Come join the fun. PLOW awaits

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Doing Gods work in Vale/Tribute.

Plus many Ishtar and Gilas

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Bumping again! Lots of fleets, lots of kills, lots of feeds.


We apprehended some permitless miners the other day.

WTB Tristan

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