Sons of Seyllin (Pirate Lords of War alliance) looking for new pirates in all timezones


What we do:

  • Small Gang PVP(Low/Null/Yeet Fleets)
  • Black Ops Hot Drops
  • Suicide Ganking
  • Pochven Roams
  • Wardecs

What we offer:

  • New FC training opportunities
  • Alliance Discord and TS3 server
  • Logistics service to and from Jita

What we require:

  • PVP
  • A Working Headset
  • A Willingness to Fly Logi or other support roles
  • Magic 14 Trained (The Magic 14 - EVE University Wiki)
  • No Minimum SP but will need useful skills or willing to train into things we ask.

Interested pilots please message Ydoc Llezsor/join our in game channel “Sons of Seyllin Pub” or join our alliance discord here:

Alliance Killboard: Pirate Lords of War | Alliance | zKillboard

Come join the crew!

Its been a good day!

And a fun roam last night! Hop on discord and get in on this!

One of our guys did a thing today.

Join up to be in his presence!

5/5 Corp, great bunch of guys that get up to some crazy stuff at times.

Had some good blops kills last night. Lots of dudes on moat nights! Lets get you in and start killing nerds

Come join us! We wont bite (too hard)

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