Placid and Verge Vendor Opportunities - DuPont Enterprises

Where others see underdevelopment, DuPont Enterprises sees opportunity.

Placid is one of these opportunities and, specifically, the Intaki system. As is Verge Vendor.
DuPont Enterprises is directing efforts toward commercial development in Placid and Verge Vendor. One of these initiatives is to become the main supplier of Robotics in Intaki, at reasonable prices.
Placid is a region rich in low security systems with huge exploration potential and Verge Vendor can offer everything that can be found in any high security system in New Eden.

If you think this way and see this, have experience and want to build something big in those regions, DuPont Enterprises is open to expansion, either through the corporation or its alliance.

Flip the coin and win both sides.

Jeane DuPont
DuPont Enterprises
Perpetual Alliance

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