Planet almost empty - Do I stay or do I go?


Do planet resources refresh, if so on what time scale ?

Thanks in advance

You can think of a resource like lake fed by small river.

If you leave the lake alone, the river will feed into the lake over a long period of time and grow to an arbitrary size. If you had the equipment to remove all the water from the lake at once you would have to wait for the river to replenish all the water you took.

How big your river is is roughly shown to you by the resource allocation of the planet, but it is still up to you to find the best place on a planet.

The analogy holds true even if there are other people using your planet. If two of you are at the same site siphoning off resources, then there’s only half as much for each of you.

Planets are constantly replenishing their resources, but the time scale will depend on your exact planet’s replenishment rate, how rapidly you’re extracting that resource, and whether anyone else is competing with you for that same resource. You can move to a different planet, move your extractors to another location on the planet, or just fine tune your extractor heads’ location within the extractor’s operable radius, depending on the extent to which the planet is depleted of resources.


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