Planetary Industry Inexhaustible?

Hey, do the basic resources on a planet slowly diminish as you extract them? Also, the resources move around on gas and oceanic planets. Do they do that for all other planets too? If not, how do you move your colony to the other side of the planet?

Yes the resources can ‘deplete’ if enough characters build colonies.

As you extract the resources the hot spots will appear elsewhere and can appear to move.

Thanks Sara! Can I move my colony, on-planet or off-planet?

The resources on a planet slowly replenish over time - this isn’t even across a planet: there are notable plumes of varying duration and scales. Different resources replenish on differing patterns.

Concentrated extraction, either by a single player or multiple players, will reduce the resource levels in a particular area of planet as the resource effectively becomes mined out.

You can demolish and move extractors - and all your other planetary infrastructure except for the command centre. Demolishing that removes all the infrastructure you have on the planet and requires you to go and buy another command module.
You do not have to have anything connected to the command centre - it can be on the other side of the planet. Most people use a Launch Pad for import/export. Therefore moving your set up around the planet is possible, but you may wish to balance the advantages against the costs before doing it.

As said above, you can move all your infrastructure to the other side of the planet and leave the command center behind (which does not need to be connected if you’re not using the tiny launchpad it has).

The cost and effort of moving your setup across the planet may not be worth it though, I usually only move my extractor heads at most.

You can also move your colony off-planet, but that requires you to bring a new command center for the new planet and decommission the old one. I’ve only done this whenever my corporation moved regions.


Thanks again! Maybe one more? Every time I come back to check on my colonies they have become inactive. Why is that?

Colonies get the inactive warning for a couple of reasons.

Perhaps your extractors stopped working, start them again. (Mine are set to go for 7 days so I only need to reset once every week. Shorter cycles pull a bit more I think, but are more effort)

Perhaps one of your factories has no input routes, or something else is wrong with routing. But that would not explain why the warning shows once you come back and not already from the start.

Last, that warning shows when one of your storages is full. I always put a storage right behind every extractor to make sure the high yield at the start of each extraction does not go wasted but gets stored, and route from storage to the factories instead of directly from extractor to factories. And from those factories to a launchpad.

If a storage or launchpad is full you get a warning, if this happens often you may want to change something about your setup and launch goods more often, or change ratio of extractor heads to factories or something like that.

That’s a usefull tip!
I only use one Storage Facility where all other facilities are linked to.

Me too, on P1 planets. For P2 planets I tried to do the same thing, but found that it required too much effort to keep both extractors extracting at the same pace, so I gave each of them a separate storage.

Extractor (x2) > Storage > P1 Factories > Launchpad (x2)

Extractor 1 > Storage > P1 Factories > Launchpad < P1 Factories < Storage < Extractor 2
… and a couple of P2 factories fed by and routed to the Launchpad

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