Planetary industry - extracting materials lost

I have a question: PLANETARY INDUSTRY: The extractor has e.g. current cycle/h 10,000 units but comes much less into the storage facility. The same problem is then in the next step between storage and industry facility. I have in the storage facility 5,000 units and I send 3000 units in the industry (P1 production). 2000 units should remain in storage but not. The same goes for all the next steps. Where is the difference lost?
Example: I got 11,000 units in stock. I had 3 active factories (P1) but only one got the raw material. The other two were left empty (out of material) !! ???

I’m not exactly sure about the details of your problem, but did you keep in mind that the P0 → P1 factories have two cycles per hour? They take 3000 units every 30 minutes.

So your extractor would need to produce 12.000 units per hour to keep two basic P1 factories running at full capacity.

> They take 3000 units every 30 minutes.
That’s it !!!
Tell me more about it or give me a link. Thnx man :slight_smile:

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