Planet Industry Excess Tier 1 Products, what to do?

When you have a decent extraction going of tier 1 resources, having one basic industry to convert them to tier 2 is way under the quantity per minute.

Even on just one extractor using my excel spreadsheet im able to calculate the qty per minute, and then i take that total in my 12 hour extraction window and calculate how many times the basic industry will produce the tier 2.

I end up with shitloads of extra tier 1 resources, and i dont want to haul that ■■■■ every day. Is there a way to use mulitple basic industry’s with routes?

I ask because when you set a route, from storage to basic…its the entire stack. How can I make routes to all my industry from the same storage? Its a ton of extra t1 stuff, but its so heavy. I dont wanna haul it to another planet. I just need to know a technique or trick to utilize way more basic industry on one planet.

What am i missing?

To route one extractor to multiple storage:

Delete all outgoing routes from extractor.
Recreate the first route.
This time, modify the number so it’s sending less than “all” of the resources to the first storage.
Repeat as needed.

To route one storage to multiple basic:
Have P0 already routed into storage.
Click the storage facility.
Click the Routes tab.
Click the Incoming P0 route.
Click Create Route
Click the destination.
Submit changes.

Extractor: Route extracted raw mats to Launchpad/Storage (for buffering excess raw mats)
From Launchpad/Storage: route the stored mats to as many factories as you want (I use 5-8 on most planets)
From Factories: route your T1 products back to the Launchpad/Storage for export or further use

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