Planetary Interaction - Show Imports

(Edward Setrakian) #1

This is a suggested addition to the recent PI UI changes.

In addition to showing products which are being produced on a planet in the PI window, could you also show materials which need to be imported to the production chain on a planet.

For example, if i am producing Silicate Glass on a lava planet i need to import Oxidising Compound.

If Oxidising Compound is required by the planets process, but isn’t being extracted/produced on the planet, the PI window should show Oxidising Compound as an Import for that planet.

This way i can see at a glance what i need to load into my cargohold before i fly to the POCO without needing to remind myself by clicking in to the planet screen or referring to my spreadsheet.

This is a simple example, but could be much more useful for P4 production planets which will have lots of imports.

Also, a compact version of the PI window would also be nice.

(Cai Usoko) #2

This ^^

There are so many improvements to be made to PI but most of them probably aren’t feasible until POCOs get the Upwell treatment, but a simple QoL change like this to build upon the recent UI changes shouldn’t be hard to implement.

(system) #3

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