Planetary Interactions - bottom of planet gives weird angles (camera tilt)


Trying some basic PI i noticed that the camera angle isn’t fixed to the planet center but somewhere else. If you go to the poles the camera looks “under or over” the planet and THIS happens:

You can see how weirdly the buildings point away once you zoom in a bit.
I find it rather annoying that you get a neat ‘top-down’ view around the planet’s equator but tilted angles everywhere else - and since resources are spread randomly you don’t have much of a choice…

I think during PI the camera HAS to be top-down focused like in any RTS or God-sim.
I want to set up a neat stack and not have visuals ‘slip away from me’.

… and this isn’t even the worst outcome. Try placing the center at the poles!
Your camera will be blocked and spin wildly if you try to rotate the planet further.

How is that still in the game like that?!

I think its fair to say this counts as a glitch.
This isn’t ‘working as intended’. (google earth certainly doesn’t do that)

@CCP, please fix.


The camera probably uses polar coordinates instead of quaternions. It would be easier to code that way.

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