Planned Obsolescence. - Small Gang Null Sec Corp

Come into the darkness with Planned Obsolescence.

Making light with explosions of ships and pods and rocks oh my!

The short:

We need people we connect with. We’re a small band of pilots that even as people take breaks from EVE we still try to keep up over Discord. So even if you are a Titan pilot, an all 5s Blops pilot, or a griffon pilot, we’re more interested in you and how we all connect and get along.

You want content?

PVP - roams, structure bashing, and more opsec :wink:
Ratting availability - need some iskies shoot some rats alone or with friends
Mining / industry - help keep supplies in stock aid in cap and ship production for local defense

We’ve long been PvP corp with a new focus on industry. In part what this means is that our industry shifts with the demands of our pvp and corp needs.

Talk to one of our in game recruiters (Siofra Damhnait/EU and Spotrush1/US) or join our recruitment channel PLOBS Public

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