Plantagenet Arms [PLARM] - Lancing the boils of New Eden, medieval style!

Plantagenet Arms (sounds like a classy pub) is a brand new PvP alliance focussed on pews, fun & community. We offer corps of any size & age the room & support to grow in an area of space with the potential for absolutely anything to happen.

Our trainers have a vast accumulated experience of turning new players serious combat assets with some of the largest battles in recent history being witness to this: your newer pilots will have the benefit of learning from this knowledge pool in our fun, stress free training fleets.

Other benefits:

  • a huge industrial supplier of affordable ships (well below Jita price)
  • no sov warfare (probably the most boring activity since Olympic Paint-Drying Watching was first contested in 1964. Switzerland took gold by 2 points.)
  • a growed-up (for a given value of growed up) community & attitude to life & all tolerant lifestyles.
  • nullsec & lowsec content as far as the eye can see, & scanner can probe.

What we require:

  • community engagement (no naughty trying to live in highsec, or not being in our Discord group!).
  • violent, bloodthirsty e-psychopaths who love their mothers.
  • a respect for our alliance ethics.

If you feel that your corporation would be a good fit & gain from us, then give us a shout in our in-game channel “PlantagenetPUB” or out-of-game here.

See ya in the black!

Come & join the party, folks!

Looking for an easy way into deep null-sec? Vote PLARM :slight_smile:

Still looking for new membership corps! Come & join the party!

Always looking for new PvP corps to join the party!

Bumpy McBumpface :slight_smile:

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