PLATZMARINE - High Sec | Mining/Manufacturing/Trade | CASUAL - Looking for new members + Fleet Commander


The Platzmarine is a Europen based corporation (But we welcome anyone from anywhere) currently operating out of our station in Uemisaisen, which is a few jumps from Jita, so it’s great for trade. Our station has low taxes to maximise everyones profits. We are currently focused on growing as a Corporation with team mining operations with our Orca as a buffer for the mining fleet. Every now and then when we have the numbers online we venture in to Low-Sec to mine higher-value ores.

We would love for you to be part of our growth and for you to grow alongside us as a Corporation.

Areas of Operation:

  • Newbro friendly/Casual
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade
  • Mining (Ore & Ice)
  • Mission Running
  • Small-Gang Warfare (When protecting our mining fleets)

We are a friendly group and welcome all new players. We understand life always come first so we have no mandatory events.

Feel free to apply and help the Platzmarine grow in to a fun, close-knit group.

If interested feel free to apply in-game or message me in game (Slimsta Hearn)


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