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Hello there,

Can I play only at singularity server and never again to tranquility ?

I have profile at singularity (copied from tranquility).
I don’ t care about my tranquility profile, because I have stopped using it, and I use only the profile at singularity.

Does some day the singularity profile overwritten from my unused tranquility profile ?
If yes, are there any option to avoid it ?


And sometimes singularity is not available.

It is for testing not to actually play the game. When they do a mirror tranquility will overwrite. No way to avoid that since “once again”, it is only there for testing.

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Yes - Your character data on Singularity will be overwritten by the character data on Tranquility every server mirror. When a mirror happens will be up to developer fiat, but it will happen eventually.

No - You can not avoid having your data overwritten when a mirror occurs.

You’re not paying for singularity, you pay for TQ. If CCP decided to take down SISI and only open it for mass testing etc, they have every right to. But they leave it open so that players can find and report bugs or test new things coming to live server.

It is the only way to play only pve and avoid pvp and exploring safety all regions of new Eden. I will pay any subscription to CCP if they give this option.

You cannot avoid pvp on SiSi either.
It’s a pvp sandbox with pve elements. The game needs both to survive.

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Can I be killed by another player at SiSi?
I never see other players in local.

People aren’t technically supposed to shoot you in most places on Singularity most of the time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t, or that they’ll suffer any penalties if they do. There aren’t many people there, true, but it is still possible to meet an unfortunate end, if the mirror doesn’t get you first.

Rules only apply during mass tests, including

As I can see it isn’t any way to avoid to be killed without limit the freedom of new Eden exploring. This is not so good for newbies.

I began this game for the realistic and attractive space graphics, but I cannot choose the gameplay that fits to me.

I am not against pvp but a new player is not equal as an old player and the new player has not the option to avoid it, because this inequality seems to be main part of game, even if play at the Sisi?

The 2 of rules said that:

Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8).

That means that I cannot be killed without consent with the killer?

If you read the rules, this seem unlikely the intention. They include such things as being unable to take sov from the first person to claim the system, which would take a lot longer than the duration of a mass test.

These rules are simply never, or almost never, enforced. They are on the books, though, so if a violator is truly heinous enough to gain CCP’s attention, they can be held to account with an ‘I told you so’ and a reference to the rules they broke.

Okay, it isn’t easy for newbros to find their footing, but it’s not an impossible task either. Moreover, many newbros find the experience to be exciting and rewarding. Perhaps you might too if you stop worrying about getting knocked down, and start focusing on learning from your mistakes.

Now, it does seem like you were attracted to the game for different reasons than many else are. For example, I began playing because I heard it was a brutal, pvp-centric game (and I was happy to find out that it lived up to my expectations). So, the game just might not be for you. However, just because it wasn’t what you expected it was, that doesn’t mean that you won’t like it if you give it chance. So, are you by chance interested in a brutal, complicated, PvP-centric game with a harsh death mechanic? Because if so, boy do I have the game for you!

Anyway, the idea that newbros can’t compete with vets is not only false, but it is a defeatist attitude that poses a bigger obstacle to your success than any vet you will encounter in the game. In fact, I’ve actually been working on a video talking about it. However, since it’s not ready, let me give you a synopsis.

Eve experiences plenty of player churn/turnover, which results in the average player age being closer to 2 or 3 years, than it is to 18. Naturally, you’ll have to “pay your dues,” but it really doesn’t take that long to catch up to the bulk of the player base.

A lot of vets just straight up suck at PvP. You have carebears, F1 monkeys who can’t find their dicks without an FC pointing it out to them, blame-shifters that allow their own egos to stand in the way of their own growth, and a crap ton of casuals. Hell, I’m not even good at PvP. I mean, let’s be real -I actively avoid fair fights, and instead look for people with their pants down. This, of course, makes it easy for me to make money off of PvP, but constantly punching down also stunts my growth.

Naturally, if you engage a vet in honorable 1v1, you’ll likely get your ass handed to you. However, Eve’s mechanics do not ensure fair fights, nor is there anything saying that you have to be “honorable.” If you can’t win a fair fight, don’t fight a fair fight. People might call you a coward or a cheesedick, but I’d rather scoop their loot and fly away with people impugning my character, than die with my honor.

Because training times increase exponentially, character power growth increases logarithmically. That means that you will gain power at an astounding rate, and that it really won’t take that long to get your skill levels up to a comparable level with vets. Speaking of which, there is nothing limiting how quickly you can grow as a player. Eve’s slow ass progression system offers no barriers when it comes to how fast you personally learn and grow.

A lot of games have progression systems that are unidirectional in nature. However, Eve just doesn’t work like that. More expensive and skill intensive ships might be better at certain things than their smaller, low cost, low skill counterparts, but they are not better at all things and in all regards. This means that lower cost, low skill ships can actually be really good at certain roles and activities, and that they can be quite competitive in PvP. Thus, smaller ships aren’t mere waypoints on the way to more expensive and skill intensive ships. Instead, it’s all about picking the right tool for the job -and sometimes that means picking low cost/low skill ships.

In fact, here’s the results of a poll I conducted asking what was everyone’s favorite ship size.

And, for better or for worse, PvP avoidance is actually rather easy to learn. In fact, it’s much easier to avoid getting killed than it is to get kills.

Anyway, I could go on, but this is turning into a wall of text. So, some important takeaways are:

  • Newbros can not only catch up to vets, but they can compete with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. In fact, try to fail faster.
  • Always get back up.
  • Learn Everything you can from your mistakes.
  • Use risk management strategies to minimize losses, and how much they hurt.

And, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
No P2W


I liked this approach to the game, with the charts. I make me to see the other side of game! The economy which at Sisi does not exist!

As a newbie, I can see that I have to build my economy like a newbie entrepreneur. That’s good!

The expenses should be less than the income and I will make purchases which I can restore it if destroyed.

As I can see the destroys needed in order to catch up the new Eden inflation.

That’s why in Sisi all item cost only 100ISK. If I want to explore the null security regions and other dangerous in tranqulity regions, it’s better for a newbie to go to Sisi for safe. On the other side in tranquility is for build up my economy like a company in the real world.

Seems that be a nice adaptation for me.

Experience go up by the use.

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Almost everything is 100 isk on SiSi simply for testing purposes for CCP. To make it easier for us to test ships/mods they made everything easily at 100isk even PLEX so we can test for bugs or issues with anything they release. The market/inflation has no inclination on products being sold for 100 isk on SiSi.

SiSi’s sole purpose is for us to test and break stuff for CCP to fix before it hits the live server.

This is not true. Most tactics for avoiding pvp are not based on skill points, but on experience and situational awareness. You’ll need to practice and learn, and you learn by putting yourself at risk, not avoiding the risks altogether by only playing on the test server.

I aggree with this but I think that is good practice to have affordable losts, in that risk because the economy of game maybe punish you and of course I mean the old experianced players.

For example is not the same to lost a cruiser (which takes an hour to turn back!) full of good mining equipments with a corvette with basic equipment at a non CONCORD protection area.

As I see the main tactic is to look at local area for negative security players and check the radar if the threat is near you, I have try it with success, but if this happen you need to go away and stop any activity (ex mining) in this area.

No matter how experienced you are, there will always be someone with better equipment than you just like the real economy.

Large risks is just like a gambling for newbie. But if you have the experience you can take large risks.

Well you mean, you don’t have a brain? Evading unwanted encounters is purely player skill and has nothing to do with equipment (except proper fitting) or ingame age.

What new players often also dont understand is the brilliant design of eves skill sytem.

To fly a interceptor (ship used to stop other ships from flying away in combat) u would need for example 15 million sp (just a guess) to fly it in full perfection. If you skill this as a new player and have all of those 15 million sp a char that has 200 mil sp cant fly that ship better then you (if we look at pure stats). If he is jumping in an interceptor 185 million sp doesnt have any effect and both of you just use 15 million sp. You are equal although he has so much more sp.

The difference between a new player and a vet is that the vet has more tools to chose from. But every ship and weaponsystem you learn you get more tools. And both of you only can fly in one ship.

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… and more experience in flying and training time. Ultimately the deciding factor in EvE is knowledge, situational awareness, hence player skills.

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