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i played this years ago singularity was the primary server i donbt care to change settings i just learn to adapt soi whereever the system sent me is where i went now tranquility is the main server well my profiles are still on singularity is there a way to move them to tranquility?

Hey Anubis go’uldgods,
Singularity is just the test server and is only for some tests opened from time to time.
You also have an account on Tranquility. You can select Tranquility from the EVE Launcher top right corner there is a small drop down arrow next to the player count … click that and select Tranquility.

There is no way to move characters from Singularity to Tranquility as Singularity is not “the real deal”. Singularity has super cheap prices and everything just for testing so it does not make sense to allow such characters on Tranquility.


its been like 5 years since ive been here tranqility didnt exist all i knew was silgularity at least to my knowlege so all the money plex and stuff is gone?? if sop im out im not gonna pour more into this to lose it all for nothing

Tranquility is over 21 years old. Singularity has always been the test server.

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The public test server, Singularity (or Sisi), is open to all players during test events.

Note the change in policy on this here: Singularity Accessibility Update

ok i was wrong i never paid any attention to it then. the game i guess sent me to singularity and all my stuffs gone

Your stuff would have been gone anyway. Every 3-4 months they mirrored sisi from Tranquility. So if you had not played the actual game, then yes anything on sisi was wiped out during the next mirror

If you bought anything with cash, it would be on Tranquility.

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when i logged into eve through the internet not on the server all my characters are still there plex ect but i dont know if i have ever been no tranquility i hit the login in the launcher it does nothing no prompt for a username and password

If you played from the web, you played on tranquility. I dont believe sisi was apart of that.

You have to add an account first

You mean people actually used that feature? No way in hell am I going to play EVE in a web browser.

ive tried belive me it does nothing i have the accounts pulled up when i look at sisi but when i look at tranq its empty i click add account nothing happens

it had the launcher i mean the eve account page sorry for the confusion i logged in through steam most of the time

The actual EVE launcher and Steam are not the same thing…

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they both use the launcher don’t they looks the same to me either way when i click add account it does nothing

And you cannot have a sisi account without a Tranquility account.

If you logged in from steam, unless you converted it to an actual eve online account, you need to log in to steam

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Long story short, don’t use EVE with Steam. More trouble than it’s worth. We see questions and issues with Steam on here all the time.

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ok well why do my characters show in sisi but not tranq? i dont know what else to do I’ve tried eve direct and steam i am beyond confused at this point