Playboy Enterprises Wants You!

Channel: Playboy

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Playboy Enterprises and the Dark Taboo alliance are continually seeking new and skilled players to join our organization. Whether you are looking for a new corporation or you’re a CEO that is looking for a strong alliance, you have come to the right place.

What does Playboy Enterprises have to offer you?

  • Home is based in a dominated area of low sec, we often PvP roam WH and nullsec space as well as help our junior members with PvE in high sec when needed.

  • Experienced Leadership across the alliance, each with individually 10+ years in experience.

  • Our alliance CEO has been CEO of Playboy Enterprises since the beginning of the game. His successful leadership ability is invaluable to the long-term survival and growth of our alliance and its members.

  • The rest of our leadership is composed of individuals who have proven leadership skills, maturity,
    intelligence, and who are dedicated to making the game experience fun for all our members.

  • Social and rewarding atmosphere in what can seem a very daunting environment, especially for newbros!

  • Content and advice for all levels of experience.

  • A dedicated safe space for all you cuties that like to crush rocks too!

**You must have and be willing to be on TeamSpeak with a functioning mic and be PvP ready at all times.


Still actively recruiting.

Still actively recruiting.

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