Player standings against other players

(Yankee Bastid) #1

I thought I saw a posting in fleetup or in EVE, not sure, that displayed a relative standing of a player against all the other active players/characters in EVE. Can someone tell me where I might find that number? I think I have a way to use an existing proof of concept tournament in Golf and Bowling that could be ported over to EVE using this number converted to a percentile. Any help would be appreciated.

(Black Pedro) #2

The only ranking of players I can think you mean might be something like the leaderboard on zKillboard:

but I am not sure how to access the complete rankings. However, if you click on any individual character on zkill, it will give you their alltime and recent rankings. Like here, for me you can see that:

I am ranked 86,500th of all time, 44,229th recently. Huh, guess I need to play more!

(Yankee Bastid) #3

you hit it on the head!!! Thanks, there are so many boards and pages and websites, this old man cannot remember them all. You have a great day, I am going back to bed. lol

(Yankee Bastid) #4

What I need to know is the total number of players in the ranking so I can derive a percentile. That should work.

(Black Pedro) #5

Well, that’s easy enough. It it is a ranking, so the highest number (the lowest rank) is the number of players. Just divide by that to get a percentile.

(Spice Weasle) #6

uh you have to decide if you’re using the 7 day rank, the 90 day rank, or the alltime rank.

frankly, using the alltime rank is a bit stupid :wink:

(Spice Weasle) #7

you also have to realize that zkillboard includes npcs and shiptypes as “players” in the ranking. is the number 7 ranked character in eve :wink: