Please CCP : Pi is to easy

thanks CCCP now i m rich , i m doing PI. but please can you put some NPC in each planet, because there is to much newbee who s doing the same things that me. I f you do that ( cccp ) the number of pi is gonna drop ( i hope ) and the price high. i m gonna be rich ! i mean do something for VETERAN, but dont push me to put a pith x on my badger ! ;-> like my alt is ok but for my “secondary” is not gonna be easy for him ;->
ps : i like your npc on each gate, and anomalie and mining place,…
ps : i was surprise that you ( cccp ) you “give” easely the new brand triviglan skill you should put everythings for VETERAN for all 5 i mean !

Too many Cs…

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Or just increase concord delays and reduce omega subscription prices, which would provide you with cloaky campers on any POCO that kill any hauler that comes by

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I think this refers to soviet union CCCP = USSR :wink:

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no you mean the china comunsist party thats what ccp stands for

CCCP = soviet union.

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