Please close thread

June Mao is up for sale.
Her skillset is primarily focused on drone mining with an Orca, but she also has the foundations to become a decent Drone ship combat pilot, specifically for flying a Dominix.

  • 155k unallocated SP.

  • Can operate and fully T2 fit a drone mining Orca.

  • Perfect mining drone skills.

  • Cybernetics / Biology V

  • Gallente Battleship V

  • Target management V

  • Important fitting skills at V

  • In NPC corp

  • Positive sec status

  • Positive wallet

  • No kill rights

  • Located in Jita 4-4

Bid starts at: 10 Billion ISK
B/O: 13 Billion ISK
Please make increments of at least 100m.

9.5 Billion

The bids start at 10b.


11 bill



B/O set at 13b.

11.7 Bil

12 bil

If the B/O is not met in 24h, I will sell to the highest bid.

Will pay B/O 13 bil, send you mail in game. Need some time.

Character is still for sale.

Bids are open until tomorrow.


Offer accepted. Awaiting response.

Buyer not responding.

Character is still for sale.

My offer still stands, 12 B

Offer accepted, awaiting ISK transfer.

Isk sent, and account name provided via eve mail

Trade cancelled, ISK was sent back.