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Non Focused miner 29mil sp 0 Assets 3mil isk balance Currently in High sec Ziona(5 jumps from amarr)

Original Owner Came back to eve after 2 year break & Cba with running two accounts this is my alt that i dont want.

EditPosted Character for sale on wrong account Sorry

ill do 21b

Will Consider that offer for the moment will leave post open until friday 11/01/18 unless i change my mind. Thanks

if you are looking for a price check, use the actual price check section… otherwise if you are selling this alt, you need to post with that alt, that its for sell, and drop it from corp and follow ccp rules.

Thought i was on that account am planning on selling it currently dropping it from corp & sending mail etc etc via terms of selling account will delete/get mod to close/move this thread and make correct post on correct account. when my potato wifi decides it doesnt want to behave like a moron.

Just to show that it was in error, Cant actually find the flag button to get a mod to delete the post so i can actually remake it on this account :frowning: Downside to having characters with similar names
Apologies to whichever mod has to clean up my mistake.

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