13.487 Mill SP

looking to sell this unused account. still training no kill rights + sec statue + wallet will be open till Sunday 0000 game time


forgot the link…

6.0 b

7.0 b

7.1 b

bump looking for at least 10 or I’ll extract myself

8bil BO offer right meow

Oh and you aren’t going to get squat for extracting. At current prices you are at 17 extractors with a delta of 430mil or less than 7.5bil

Take the isk my friend

Probably should have the character for sale state it is for sale also as the forum rules state.

Not a problemn will close and relist it many thanks for pointing that oput.

Mods please close this thread


You dont need to close it, just log into Forums with that character and say “I am for sale” then you are covered.


sales closed extracted myself.

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