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Selling here my High Sec Alt.
Excellent Mission and Abyss runner. Was also used to Boost mining Fleets with Orca.
PW: 1234

Location: Jita
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
3 Jump Clones:

  1. Learning Clone with +5 Imps

  2. Mining Booster with +5s and Ore ML

  3. Mid-Grade Crystal Set with Goliath and Valdimar

There are over 80 Ship Skins on her, i.e. Golem Kaalakiota or Marshal Firewatch or Ikitursa Singularity Storm and Orca Lodestrike.
For more Info on the Skins just Convo me or ask here :slight_smile:

Feel free to Post you Offers or Bids below.

Please no exraction offers :slight_smile:

Staring at 85b

Confirming I am for sale

Bump :slight_smile:

Azzrill 72B

Changed my Mind on selling due to not enough interest on the market. This Post can be closed please :slight_smile:

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