SP: 48 Mio
Yearly Remap: 1
Security Status 5

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in Amarr
Jump clones: 3

1 x PVE Clone with Genolution Core Augmentation Set
2 x Mining Clone with Mining Foreman Mindlink (Orca Drone Miner + Boost)

Top LvL 4 (Barghest) Pilot or Command Ships

Fast sale at good offer welcome.


29b ?

I’ll do 30bil, but character needs to be on npc corp


32 bil


char is in npc corp, the site just hasn’t updated that yet… :sunny:


34 Billion

So the final spurt, one hour from now then the char goes to the highest bidder gogo

Char is online

none of the bidders online?

I’m on my way home from work. Around 30min commute. But not the highest bidder

I am here

ok, send the isk and acc-name ingame to gonzilla

Confirm sale of 34b. Correct?

Yes, send the isk and it is yours

Account provided. Isk sent.

Isk send, transfer is running

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