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(jj gunsIinger) #1

Mail me ingame with pilots and eveboards

(Panther X) #2

whats your budget

(jj gunsIinger) #3

35b I could pull 40 if need be

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(jj gunsIinger) #5

Link eb? I can possibly pull more if it is worth it

(Panther X) #6

(jj gunsIinger) #7

What are you looking for?

(Panther X) #8

with the implants sets and skins i have

my minimum bid was very much north of 40. why dont you come up with a number that you could conceivably come up with in the next month, and I can consider it. I’m not actively looking at selling, so I am in no rush. Just seeing what kind of offer I can’t refuse comes up to. last offer was 145.

(Taraas Enko) #9

145 bil for a character with a 100 mil sp you should jump on that cause you aint getting anything close elsewhere

(Panther X) #10

thanks for your input, but at 145 its still not worth it, i would buy another avatar and go back to nc

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