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WTS 2 Exumer 5m SP farming characters. Ideal for starting your own SP farm, so would also be ideal as a miner, and if used for farming, they have several million skill points in skills ready to train at max speed without needing to remap. Plus they already have +5 implants in looking for 4 billion a per toon if you pay transfer if i pay the toon will be 7 billion - sold - pending - Available - Available

Confirm I am for sale

Confirm I am for sale

Confirm i am for sale

Confirm i am for sale

selling to HateMach1ne pending payment

confirm isk for received starting transfer process

I would be interested in purchasing the remaining 3

Selling send isk to RebelKiwi pending payment

dang, was hoping to get one more. But grats on the sales RebelKiwi! Doesn’t look like Rochelle has come through yet. Will let you know if not there by Monday.


you still can first in first serve

oh yeah? hmm… tempting. I’ll hit you up once home and see where you’re at with the sales (and where I’m at with ISKies).


retracted, did not fully read the first post, my mistake

Daily humpity bumpity


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