Please nerf stargate guns cause they just too hard

It is clearly a very important issue that the current gate guns in highsec are over powered and require a reduction in their dps as they currently penetrate too much.

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Besides insurgencies in high sec, what other high sec gameplay are they affecting?

I’ll answer this in HiSec killers style:

Cry, baby …

Do you want a tissue?



No tissue requirements here as we are just getting started!

Uedama is like play school

spoiled apple in Frostpackers’ cart :pensive:

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Stargate guns are fine, in fact buff them to oneshot gnosis hulls as well.

Give us more reasons to leave highsec instead.

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People still play in high sec ?

Do you have a problem with that?

Do you?

Just get better, simple. :slight_smile:

After reading the log messages it became clear that there needs to be less hits resulting in more misses you completely.

After all these gate guns are really there for show.

Yes now what

The only thing I could think of to make it interesting would be dynamic gate guns. Yes it would require coding from CCP. But simply randomized DPS rates at different times. Yes, all that would happen is itd require is learning what the min and max would be and tanking accordingly, but it could mean mean that at certain occasions you could really punch above your weight and other times youd get nuked from orbit quicker.

I dont know what that would solve mind you other than people gambling if this engagement on the gate would mean survival or death, but we know Eve players arent gamblers and would just min/max any new content to death. Nevermind the fact that this is low hanging fruit anyway. Its a mild deterrent and not a hard and fast issue to look at imo.

I guess another option would be a dynamic issue with enemies of the faction of the gate gun or KOS peeps, the lower the standings the more dps? But again what would it solve? What would the gain be? Itd just mean a calculation of DPS based on a formula for standings, most gankers are -10 anyway so it wouldnt change much in that fact.

Are they?

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Sometimes we travel through the systems and notice sitting on a stargate is some dirty scout in a Trenchcoat who reveals themselves as a spy by looking what’s inside your cargo. What business is it of theirs to see what you have hidden?

So you decide to take matters into your own hands as a solo pilot who can accept a slight security loss to return in a cruiser to take out that spy on the gate.

You find yourself dealing with the accuracy of high damage dealing stargate guns.

Suggests that a slight reduction in their accuracy is in order to help balance the spy’s hiding in plain sight.

You realize that all that would do helping you is helping gankers too right?

Gate guns have perfect tracking thats why they hit like they do.

Actually another interesting idea would be changing their ranges and falloff values. I remember many decades ago tempests, iirc, using 1400mm artillery to pop haulers at over 100kms off the gate to avoid the gate guns. Im not even sure if thats possible now or not?

I think what youd want moreso is a reduction in DPS with increased standings, where the sliding scale would extend all the way to +5.0 sec status. But then why stop there, why not have concord response be tied to the aggressors and targets sec status? The lower the aggressor and higher the targets sec status the faster the response time. Might just add useless calculations though.

Would give another reason to have higher sec status for both gankers and haulers. Or perhaps it could be a function of faction standings with the faction owning the gate guns rather than just sec status? Would trail over into FW then too I would assume.

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I do like what you said about the scaling based on active targets inside stargate range.

/true, opening up that sort of discussion is something that we need as there presently isn’t enough encouragement to counter highsec ganking.

Cure is probably not to touch it but then how do we get more Capsuleers involved with avoiding the issue at hand?

Picture proof that there are Tech 1 ,2&3 Stargate guns.

Allow some type of game play that can shut these off.