Can’t login. Anyone else with similar issues and are there any solutions?

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1 hour later, still can’t login :frowning:

TY dude, on the launcher I did “server list” and then logged in to the front end (disabled I know) then cleared cache and everything is fine with the launcher and I’m able to play.

I’ve got This issue since yesterday. (PLEASE WAIT CHECKING GUI VERSION…)
It all started when i downloaded all the files is it only coincidence?

Would it help if we reinstall the game?

Good Morning Everyone.

I had this issue today, for me rebooting Windows fixed the issue.

I cant log in after the server reset.
Please Wait For What ??? SANTACLAUS OR…
Yesterday was the same, why after every reset must be something spoiled ???

That sucks. :frowning:
If it was me facing that issue, I’d try clearing my cache and making sure my windows operating system was updated (if using windows, of course). Also I would make sure I was using the latest driver for my graphics card.

Good Morning I have been working with a Bug Hunter this morning as I have had an issue where this screen shows.

Can I ask @Nadia_Flex, @Erodit_Thiesant and @ACESsiggy to check something for me next time you have this issue:

  • Close Eve Online’s Launcher and re open it. See if the error persists.

  • If the error persists please check your program tray (near the clock on a Windows task bar) and close the Eve launcher assuming it is still running.

  • Launch Eve again and see if the issue is resolved.

Please let me know if this solves your issue, if it does I can hand this over to the bug hunter I’ve been working with this morning.


The day we had issues with SSO is when “checking GUI” persisted even when the program and launcher was completely closed (even in windows tray). And reopening the application each time it would continue to display the error message.

Since patch day, I’ve seen this one time. But closing the eve launcher (and inside the window’s tray) - then reopening EVE everything worked fine the first time.


Awesome thanks for the information. I will wait for a while and see if the others can respond before I go back to the Bug Hunter.

No don’t reinstall the game dude. If it persists just make sure the application is completely closed (windows tray and clt+alt+del task manager). Then start it up once again.

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