Pleasure Island [JOOCE]: AUS/US TZ - 0.0 PvP

Pleasure Island is a 0.0 pvp corporation in the alliance “The Bastard Cartel” based in Tenerifis. Formed by a group of veterans that have been playing eve together on and off over the last 9 years. We are opening our doors to new members who share our love of pvp and things going BOOM.

What we offer:

  • 0.0 PvP, small / medium gang / occasional blobfest
  • Black ops
  • Isk making opportunities (ratting and other various bear things)
  • Horrible Australian humor
  • Alliance Freight service

What our Corporation is looking for:

  • 10mil sp minimum
  • Mumble and a working microphone
  • PvP first mentality
  • Isk self sufficient
  • The ability to fly at least two of the following: Amarr BS / HAC / Bomber / Logistics / Intercepter (Negotiable)

What will also be required is full API for all characters.

If interested join the channel: Pleasure Island Public or contact IEATCRAYONS, Losha Azura or Willin2kill4eva

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