PLESCO Peacekeeping Ordinances in Placid

I am transcribing these orders issued yesterday by the Placid Economic Security Commission for visibility and public comment.

HDQRS PLESCO SP Gen. Ordinance 8 224YC124

WHEREAS, the region of PLACID formerly of the FEDERAL DEFENSE UNION is now and has been for several months under the occupation of the militia contractors of the STATE PROTECTORATE,

WHEREAS the peace of this region which has been inherited by us exists in a state of anarchy, rife with piracy, smuggling, human trafficking, illegal research and every kind of crime and disorder, abetted and encouraged by its former administrators,

WHEREAS, the security situation created by the GALLENTE FEDERATION is so dire that the interstellar community is engaged in urgent talks concerning the future administration of the region, we of the PLACID ECONOMIC SECURITY COMMISSION feel compelled to side with the forces of law and order:

THEREFORE, the undersigned members of the STATE PROTECTORATE declare under the provisions of general military ordinance the following EMERGENCY NOTICES for the peace of the occupied region of PLACID effective IMMEDIATELY:

  1. No CYNOSURAL DEVICES are to be discharged in the region without completion and approval of FORM CN-7/B three (3) days prior to the requested event, submitted to the offices or secretaries of an authorized officer.

  2. LOITERING on all STARGATES and STATIONS is hereby FORBIDDEN. Gatherings within these sensitive areas must be approved one (1) week beforehand by submission and approval of FORM GAT3-C4MP/R.

  3. TRESPASSING outside of STATE PROTECTORATE property and orbital complexes is hereby FORBIDDEN and subject to IMMEDIATE correction by violent force if necessary.

  4. Capsuleers discovered to be former members of the FEDERAL DEFENSE UNION, TRIBAL LIBERATION FORCE, associated militia groups or known pirate organizations may be apprehended for questioning at any time by officers and MUST submit peacefully to detainment.

  5. Private security officers are authorized to use whatever means necessary up to and including destruction of vessels engaged in aforementioned violations to ensure compliance.

  6. Corporations engaged in peaceful, law-abiding behavior must fill out and submit a FORM C4RE-834R with their local PLESCO representative to be recognized for Business Status. This is to assist in the identification of good actors in a region almost wholly overrun by pirates and their associates.

Together we will build a better Placid.


Alexandre Hinkelmann, Executor IRED, Chairman PLESCO
Henrik Suzaku, Wing Commander SP, Executor SPD-TF


Finally, some law and order!


If you’d be so kind as to keep your contractors from trying to ‘enforce’ this lovely little diktat of yours in proximity to facilities connected to the Eugales Superproject, it’d go a long way in preventing undue vaporizations due to having them trying to open up underneath the guns of say… the Orbital Yard main batteries… Arfterall, not your purview, such infrastructure.

but let’s get to specifics,

Hm, trying to justify disruption of cynosural logistics without your express say so… really hard to enforce that but, I do look forward to seeing it tried. As it were though, many capsuleers consider many cynosural devices as disposable in terms of logistical movement, especially with the rise of mobile cyno beacons.

If you can actually manage to curb the prolific nature of the gate camp issue, then I will actively applaud you. Just keep in mind, stations and infrastructure aren’t inherently your property or jurisdiction.

With the capsuleer propensity toward violence, this could very easily read more as an invitation to quick battle finding. Easiest way to get a capsuleer to do something is to, often enough, tell them they are not allowed to do so.

Must submit peacefully to detainment… Call me a jaded old ■■■■■, seems awfully hard to prove if your contractors actually would even follow through with allowing a surrender in the first place. Afterall, most forms of kill registration don’t really show anything other than the outcome, and not the sequence of events. Of course, you could pull flight recorder data… but oops, that’s easy to alter if they’re not hooked into an active relay node, broadcasting their combat feed, or being directly observed. seems to me more like a way to try to force potential ship kills into being easier if they think they can live a bit longer by not resisting(which will be exploited mercilessly because, frankly, your contractors are capsuleers.)

Ah, there it is. The usual capsuleer answer to most things, violence.

So, you’re expecting all individuals and groups to submit such forms, even if they may not have ties within the capsuleer community to do so, or otherwise they’re likely to be assumed pirate or otherwise first with potential to be destroyed due to the inherent fickleness of capsuleer adherence to rules.

Mr Suzaku, if I may… this entire write up comes off quite strangely to me.

How, exactly will any of this stabilize the region for baseline individuals? The majority of these diktats in your ordinance are only really relevant in regard to capsuleers to begin with, while laid out in the opening section, this is about restoring law and order to the lowsec parts of the Placid region, and aren’t so much law and order as arbitrary guidelines on interpersonal interaction with other capsuleers.

If you set out to claim that you are attempting to correct the destabilizing forces in the area, I’d suggest, perhaps focusing reasonably on areas outside of the usual narrow alley that is capsuleer violence, since while capsuleer interactions certainly do have an impact, I’d argue that things such as the Anaebra Cult, the Cartel trafficking routes, and such other issues should take precedence in your aims.

Those things touch billions across the region, not some paltry few tens of thousand of capsuleers.

If that is not part of your plans, then you are not in fact, trying to stabilize the region.

My own write up is in hopes that you consider the structuring of this presented Ordinance of yours, in light of the supposed intent you present it.


Here, here!

Mdme Brezia:

If I recall, you are one of the capsuleer inhabitants of Eugales. I am only peripherally aware of your activities in that system, but I understand that you have some kind of orbital construction underway. As a matter of fact, I have long planned to contact you sometime in the future in hopes of touring this unique architecture, but other important matters have repeatedly pulled me away until now. I understand this unique artwork has been nearly destroyed by local pirate organizations such as Snuffed Out in the past. One of the reasons we must work together for the security of Placid is so that the local color and culture of the region might be preserved.

As it does not directly relate to either complex space superiority, military intelligence, or anything related to these ordinances, I see no reason why our coalition fleets would need to conduct an inspection of the premises. Unless there is something going on there you would like to declare?

Unless these ordinances are issued by the Federal District Parliaments that are within Placid, or via the Federation’s Security Committee, they are not at all legally binding to any member state within the Federation. PLESCO might be attempting to resurrect a facsimile of the Heth-era administration of the temporarily-occupied Federal territories (yes, temporarily) but, just as the original occupation of the Defence Cordon came to an end, whatever institution you seek to have ‘manage’ Placid in place of it’s rightful authorities will come crumbling down.

PLESCO has no legal or moral right to insert itself into the security arrangements of Placid in any way whatsoever, considering the history of the State in the Defence Cordon. PLESCO is neither required in the region nor is it desired by the inhabitants. I therefore call on all inhabitants of Placid and those of the Defence Cordon to resolutely ignore your illegitimate authority.

If you wish to sincerely render aid to Placid, you would withdraw your forces across the border to the contested areas within Black Rise and the Citadel.

It is not and will not ever be in the interests of the State to have Placid in any semblance of stability, neither that of the systems of Verge Vendor or Essence that fall within the Defence Cordon. Those that are acting in the name of the State there have done nothing but de-stabilise the region, with the sole exception being the Intaki system until the Intaki Crisis several years ago.

Irrespective of their claimed intentions, the State has no business in Placid and the sooner control is returned to it’s rightful administrators, the better for all that call it home.

Of course the response of the ousted FDU gangsters would be: ‘Ignore authority, disregard order, promote anarchy, violence, treason’.


Might makes right, and I don’t see the Federation stepping in to oust the horrible, evil Corporate interlopers.

It’s a revolving door of hypocrisy. When the Federation occupies the Rise, it’s a “peacekeeping action” and “preventing further hostilities” and “securing Federal space against Caldari aggression”, but when it’s Fed space being taken over, it’s a horrible crime and against all sense of decency and an immoral, dastardly act by the evil Caldari.

Hypocrisy fuels the Federation. It can’t survive without it. It would sputter and die like an old internal combustion engine run out of combustibles.


You’re all deluded to think that either militia has any control or authority in the future of these systems. This has been going on for years and will most likely continue.

Both Empires use their rhetoric to justify their actions, neither have clean hands in their misdeeds and hypocrisy.


Well, treason is the worst of crimes any human could commit, it’s a highest dishonor for any person and whole family. When one is forced to commit a treason, they restore their honor with blood by taking their own life.

Tell me please, why would you expect a sane behavior from a deprived person who have committed a treason, too coward to take his life and proud with it?..

His amorality is both expected and evident.


Your self-proclaimed ‘authority’ is illegitimate, and therefore has no lawful grounds or relevance to anyone living in Federal territory. Your attempt at asserting as such is thus feeble, even with the Protectorate’s current superiority in the theatre of hostilities. The law of the gun will never be accepted in the Federation as a foundation for good and proper governance and you will find many that you attempt to claim sovereignty over agree.

Placid have the inalienable right to govern themselves in accordance with the Federal Charter. To claim that it is treasonous for those inhabitants to resist attempts to dismantle the current status quo by foreign interlopers is spurious at best, insulting at worst. Especially in light of recent memories of burning Intaki villages and the orgy of violence carried out by the criminals of Lai Dai.

The last time I reviewed the history of the CEMWPA conflict in the Federal Defence Cordon and Colonial Development Zone, it is replete with examples of State forces causing misery and pain for those regions. Intaki was largely spared due to the supposed altruistic act of Ishukone and the Legion, although eventually it was subjected to the reality of war with an entity that has no respect for any other apart from those they call their own. Not that you would care, with the organisation that you represent having found ample opportunity to exploit the chaos for your own nefarious ends.

Show me the examples of the Federation’s historical occupation of Black Rise resulting in any form of official annexation attempts, or allowing piratical forces to run riot across the region without reasonable intervention, or permitting a food crisis across multiple systems to occur, or plundering the member states like a band of thugs and thieves.

Do not make any misconception: this is a war that was started by the Caldari State through their invasion of the Federation in YC110. The Federation acts only to defend the Cordon and its constituent member states - if the price of ending the war was to retreat back across the border, it would be willingly paid.

Every authority is self-proclaimed, Adams-hnolku.

Now you may squirt more ink to explain why this is only true for people the Federation government dislikes. Especially if they are Caldari. Truly, Gallente never change.

I’ve known I-RED for years, and have held members of their leadership in high regard.

The association and cooperation between the Intaki Liberation Front and I-RED has ebbed and flowed over time, but I believe there has always been an underlying mutual respect between us.

But the demands laid out in the opening declaration here are absolutely ridiculous.

Surely there can’t have been any real expectation that anybody outside the State Protectorate bubble would be anything but dismissive of these intended controls.

I see why Executor Hinkelmann ensured it was Commander Suzaku who acted as the public face of this initiative and not himself, even if he has still allowed his name to be associated with them. I’d be embarrassed too.

As such, I had simply disregarded these ‘ordinances’ for what they are, and had no intention of responding at all.

But others are unable to do the same, and with a tedious innevitability they have reached for the usual talking point by which the latest argument shall be won.

And so here I am.

Firstly, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative will be ignoring all of the limitations listed, as they will directly impede our long running efforts to boost trade and industry in and around the Intaki system, and we’ll take no instruction from militia organisations, regardless of who they fight for, on where we can and cannot operate within our own ancestral home system.

Secondly, both sides are wrong in their assertions that only their opponents are to blame for the situation in Placid.

There is no denying that in the years since Heth’s original invasion of Placid the region, and Intaki in particular, has suffered loss and violence at the hands of agents of the State. Members of the State militia would do well to acknowledge this.

But equally, it is the Gallente Federation that rendered Intaki impotent and unable to effectively defend itself in the first place, primarily through the often-lauded Yiona reforms, but also to this day with regards to the system security franchise. It is the same Federation that has repeatedly failed to accept responsibility for Intaki’s vulnerability as a result.

It is unfortunate that there are those within Federal militia who refuse to accept the fact that it is only because of our continued membership of a Federation that has actively made us weaker, that we are a valid target for the State at all.

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Your planet reminds me of my Homeworld, which left the Federation together with Caldari Prime. Nowadays, Achura people have earned to be called Caldari as well - as a members of Caldari State, that’s basically what makes one Caldari nowadays.

However, not all Achura are Caldari, some are still living on the planet in a client state with the planet being under protection of SuVee.

Imagine now what would happen if a Federation will colonize a new region (well, of course it’s hypothetical, quite likely we will colonize it first anyway, since they’re basically bandits who steal from others instead of building their own), called, for example “Green Swamp”. And our State, well, switching roles with Federation, decided to go full gallente and contest ownership of Green Swamp. Of course CONCORD will demand somewhat equal concession as our own region should be contested in reply, so we will offer Federation a region and… Achura homeworld with it!

Of course, this is highly impossible scenario as well, since we gave our Promise of Protection to the client state and tossing it so recklessly into the warzone would mean behaving dishonorably like gallente, but again, it’s pure hypothetical setting in which we go full gallente.

Do you know what we would do? We’d leave SuVee this instant! Why would you be a client of someone who just tosses you into conflict instead of giving you promised protection?

That’s why I am going to ask Intaki, DO YOU HAVE A SPINE, that you allow Federation to toss you into the conflict like a spare coin into the war gamble pot?!

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At worst, Snuffed Out has caused brief difficulties in the transition period away from requiring upwell infrastructure to support the efforts. They tend to only chase that which will give them a shiny kill registration, and infrastructure that can’t, is largely ignored. The loss of the Security Corridor astrahus was however quite unfortunate beyond the brief logistical disruptions.

I will add in here, that if you can indeed manage to suppress, or even loosen Snuffed Out’s rather long arm reach in the area(and even neighboring regions) I wouldn’t lose any sleep, though I must admit such would be a difficult prospect.

And I felt it pertinent to comment on the bit regarding attempts at enforcement near such infrastructure due to the flexible nature of some of the broad language in use, by many accounts, any in-space infrastructure that has capacity beyond simple habitation can qualify as a Station afterall.

Though I find myself having to echo both my former associate, commander LaFleur, and the honorable Suresha. These ordinances do very little in the grand scheme.

It also doesn’t serve the interest of Core World arms dealers of the Federation for it to be stabilized either.

Now, going back a bit…

Whenever you have time spare, there are some lovely facilities for RnR, beyond just lovely views and unique architectural philosophy, both in the Orbital Yard proper, and planetside at the Arcology.

Not something really to declare but more a question to pose. If say, an organization, or group of organizations and nationstates were aligned in such a way as to threaten your entire right to existence… how hard would fight to circumvent that fate? Not particularly pertinent to myself, directly, but do consider it seriously.

I will add in here, that if you can indeed manage to suppress, or even loosen Snuffed Out’s rather long arm reach in the area(and even neighboring regions) I wouldn’t lose any sleep, though I must admit such would be a difficult prospect.

I’m glad you bring this up. In the long term, loosening Snuffed Out’s grip must be a priority for every citizen of the region. I think as it stands, the smaller, local threat more realistic for us to handle is Cruiser’s Crew - the group most of these ordinances are directly aimed at.

Non-cooperation with pirates (beyond tactical emergencies, perhaps) should be something both sides of the militia can agree on. Unfortunately, it is not.

While the State Protectorate has stood firmly and loudly against the major pirate organizations in lowsec - and paid a terrible price for it - our enemies have not. Aideron Robotics has very close connections with Snuffed Out, so much so that Snuff drops citadels for their use, fleets up with their cynos and have even gone so far as to “ticker tank” for their Gallente pets.

Further, they are presently engaged in active negotiations with Cruiser’s Crew, whom they daily fleet with to combat us, for the purposes of bringing them into FDU. If this scandal does not put the bald faced lie to FDU’s claims to be representatives of order, I don’t know what even could. The present lot are a slimy, hypocritical lot of gangsters and traitors feeding the citizens of Placid a line of tripe about liberty while they laugh all the way to the bank.

Though I find myself having to echo both my former associate, commander LaFleur, and the honorable Suresha. These ordinances do very little in the grand scheme.

Mademoiselle, nothing does very much in the grand scheme.

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There is an old saying about glass houses and stones… I do not pretend to know the current political reality of the current Caldari Capsuleer militia, and associates, however, it is worth reminding how the shoes were quite reversed not that many years ago. Though not specifically Snuffed Out, CalMil proper was, until recently, quite heavily entrenched and entwined with pirate organizations such as Exodus./Plexodus, CRIME. NET, and The Bloc, which used their connections to militia activities as a thin veneer to prey on smaller entities and fund destabilizing activities.

If such rot has been removed outright, then by all means make such statements about your enemies. Just make sure your own house remains in order.

Edit: also, if you would please, cease with the mademoiselle honorific, I’m not some old Gallentean aristo. Though… I do suppose I am old.

One of the main advantages of being a fresh-faced organization is that it is easier to keep your house clean. It starts out bare and new, at any rate. As long as I head the SPD Task Force I will try to keep it that way. Frankly, it is high time the Protectorate enforced more naval standards. We aren’t there yet, but I want to see us get better.

Of course, I cannot take responsibility for every past action taken by the many facets of Calmil in its long history. I would still say as a general rule, Calmil has avoided engagements with pirate organizations. This is one reason that, in the present, we have few allies. And yet, it is hard to find allies with clean noses in lowsec. As the atmosphere becomes more lawless, even the good intentioned feel they must do distasteful things to survive. We must do our best to engage in good faith with locals while drawing hard lines against piratical gangs.

In the present time, it is clear as day who those gangs are and whose side they take.

I do not expect you to take responsibility for the past and the actions of others with connection to StaPro, I do however, expect that it happened and was the day to day for a long time, be acknowledged. That is fair, I hope?

I want to believe you, that it ‘largely has not’ done such collusion. But for my own experiences, perhaps I might even actively believe it outright.

As it stands, there are no sanctions or approach restrictions in place at Eugales Superproject adjacent ports against your organization or other current StaPro or StaPro adjacent groups with the exception of I-RED, and TEMPLIS.

I will be watching. I hope you can understand why.

Edit for clarity: I’d like to add on and remind that, by and large, the Superproject, UNF, and Eugales Development Authority, are neutral, and will not block accesses to affiliated ports, in most cases, unless attempts to use them to stage for military purposes are noted on either side… at which point… negotiating release of attempted staging assets or personnel will likely be somewhat, as they say… prickly.

How are you going to enforce this? If you tried to kill anyone loitering the gate guns will shoot the enforcers. It’s true that many gate camps can survive the gate guns since anything larger than a frigate will survive for some time, so in theory an anti-loiter force can also build a composition to kill anyone loitering. However, it’s easier to get recruits for a gate camp than it is for an “anti-loitering” force. There is a player behind every ship remember. So I don’t know how you are supposed to enforce this since you’ll be outnumbered and taking gate gun fire on top of that. The gate guns won’t save an Impel who tired to go through a gate camp without a T2 cloak, but it will save a larger group from a smaller set of enforcers.

I’d volunteer to help you guys, until I remembered I always set my safeties to green aroudn gates.