Plethora of things

Time to let go some of my collections, mail offers when you’re interested or post here.

  • asp and cobra mines
  • approximately 15 different ship logs
  • 5000+ of each marines, janitors, refugees, prisoners, exotic female dancers, tourists, freed slaves, freedom fighters
  • 5-100 of each: slaver, miner, militant, large group of tourists, VIPs, mercenary pilot, amarr light marines, caldari light marines, injured slaves
  • foundation stone, conviscated vitoc, special delivery
  • tags; amarr slave trader insignia, ammatar slave trader insignia, blood upper-tier tag, domination palladium/platinum/crystal/gold tags, 1000 Zazzmataz’s bodyguard insignia and many other generic ones
  • 1000 each of high-tech scanner and data chip

You got mail =)


I do like a plethora.

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You received a reply :slight_smile:

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Thank you, contract accepted!


Just wanted to give some numbers on the livestock (yes, my ships are overcrowded) and tags

  • 7000 exotic female dancers

  • 1000 freedom fighters

  • 15000 homeless

  • 80000 janitors

  • 130000 marines

  • 300 militants

  • 40 miners

  • 15000 prisoners

  • 40000 refugees

  • 100 slavers

  • 35000 tourists

  • 40 VIPs

  • 4500 freed slaves

  • ‘Buck’ Turgidson’s insignia 80x

  • Amarr Empire Slave Trader Insignia

  • Ammatar Slave Trader Insignia

  • Angel Bronze Tag 1000x

  • Angel Crystal Tag 500x

  • Dark Blood Brass Tag 500x

  • Domination Brass Tag 1500x

  • Domination Copper Tag 3000x

  • Domination Crystal Tag 500x

  • Domination Gold Tag 700x

  • Domination Palladium Tag

  • Domination Platinum Tag

  • Domination Silver Tag 500x

  • Khanid Tags, including Slave trader insignia

  • Shadow Serpentis Tags, 100s

  • True Sansha Tags, 100s

  • Zazzmatazz’s Bodyguard Insignia 1000x


Most of the ship logs (11) still available .
Auctions in contracts made for 500x High-tech scanner and data chips

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Majority of livestock sold! Tags and insignia’s available


Many prisoners available!

following ship logs available

Do you have anything I need?

Unfortunately I don’t.

I have plenty of TS Brass, Copper, Crystal, Diamond and Silver tags but no Electrum

Good luck my firend and I will continue to search~

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Hope you find them!

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Still available

Tags, insignia’s, logs and prisoners available!