PlexForce07 recruiting! - EU/US Null-sec + WH corp!

Are you interested in a corporation that offers all that EVE Online is well known for, huge fleet battles, seasoned veteran FC’s and good fights? Maybe you’ve already tried those and are tired of the TiDi and the slow flying around feeling insignificant and want to go for small gang PVP?

Do you also want to mix up your time in EVE with Wormholes, ratting, mining, whatever you feel like doing, in your time relaxing, playing the game?

Then join up with PlexForce07 and find yourself in null-sec space with multiple sources and possibilities for a stable ISK-income and a steady stream of enemies to shoot and get shot by! It’s EVE at it’s finest: when it’s fun!

We offer:

  • Nice, fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
  • RL first attitude!
  • Null Sec: Mining/Ratting/Industry/Super Umbrella/Good Markets
  • Good logistics
  • Fun Corp Events!
  • Guidance and Training for newer players who show their commitment
  • Access to a rich and multicultural Alliance/Coalition experience

We require:

  • Be able to read, write and speak English
  • Be positive, friendly and polite
  • Be able to use voice and text chat (Mumble/Discord)
  • Be able and willing to PVP
  • Be active ingame and on Mumble regularly
  • Caldari Cruiser 5 Preferred

Where to apply: PlexForce07
Background check:

Have questions? Send mail to any of the following with your questions.

For questions about null-experience: PlexForce Nick
For questions about WH-experience: jaki003

Fly safe and have fun o7

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