PlexForce07 Is Recruiting!

Recruitment is currently: Open
Recrutment channal- Plexforce shared
ESI Check Required
WH and Nullsec Corp
We offer:

  • Nice, fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
  • RL first attitude!
  • Null Sec: Mining/Ratting/Industry/Super Umbrella/Good Markets
  • Good logistics
  • Fun Corp Events!
  • Guidance and Training for newer players who show their commitment
  • Access to a rich and multicultural Alliance/Coalition experience

We require:

  • Be able to read, write and speak English
  • Be positive, friendly and polite
  • Be able to use voice and text chat (Mumble/Discord)
  • Be able and willing to PVP
  • Be active ingame and on Discord regularly
  • Full and thorough background checks

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