[Pls close] WTS full set of Mines

Update: All sold

Offering a few full sets of the discontinued Mines:

  • Anaconda Mine
  • Python Mine
  • Asp Mine
  • Cobra Mine

While the Anaconda and Python mines are by no means rare since BPO’s for them were published, the Asp and Cobra however are quite rare. Contact in-game with offers if interested. Only selling full sets; offers will be for the Asp and Cobra mine, the other 2 I will add for free due to their low value.

200m for the set?

It’s a bit on the low side, considering the rarity, but will keep it in mind if i dont receive better offers.

500m offer

Contract will be up within a few minutes; ty

600m offer

Will contract in the morning when back online. One set left

610m offer for the 3rd set

3rd and last contract will be up within an hour

1bill offer

Appreciated, but you’ve already got an outstanding contract for your 600M bid :wink:

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Thank you, will accept it once I log in

Oh sorry I didn’t see it I will acept now :slight_smile:

I’ll take a set for 1bil if there’s any left.

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